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jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

PINK SKULL / Calavera Rosa

These are inspired in a skull ring that a found in an store, it cost me under a dollar, normally I don't use rings that big and that bright but I fell in love since I saw it, besides I just thought that the color matched Color Club East Austin and it did, perfectly!

So, I have: the polish, the crystals, the inspiration, let's do a mani! 

Polishes: Color Club East Austin and Bissú Ártico.

miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

OMBRE & MICRO BEADS / Ombre y Caviar

Today I have a simple mani, just an ombre with silver micro beads, i really didn't know how to place them, just started making rows and I liked how they looked of different length, it look like drops falling or something like that lol!


martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013

SNOWFLAKES / Copos de Nieve

Winter is almost here and I wanted to do something snow related, then I saw Nailista post where she did some beautiful snowflakes, I loooved it! she inspired me to do my own version of it.

I went for something very abstract where the snowflakes were barely visible, just a hint that they are there, almost like a bokeh.

lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013

SILVER & NAVY / Azul y Plata

Here is another one that I already posted on Instagram.
I hadn't use flocking powder for a long time, don't know why, I really like it specially in dark colors as grey, burgundy and navy like this one. I thought it would look very cool in a mix and match mani with some silver chrome details.

Read details afterwards:

LINES / Líneas

Hello!  I know I've been MIA for so long but I had vacation, then my nails broke and now I have to get ready for Christmas holidays, I go with my family to another state for almost a month so I'm setting everything ready (work and school) so I can go in peace.

This time I was inspired by a great great sweater, the brand is Carven and I've loved it since I saw it in Polyvore, is just fantastic, very neutral with just a pop of color, also I love everything that has lines and I mean EVERYTHING ;)

Beige and coral colors are darker in real life.
Black - China Glaze Liquid Leather, 
Medium Grey - Color Club Lady Holiday
Light Grey - Color Club Silver Lake
Beige - OPI Did You'ear About Van Gogh
Coral - Ole! Mamey

lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

31DC2013 ROUNDUP / 31DC2013 Resumen

Phew! I thought I'd never finish! well, in fact I don't because I definitely won't do Day 28: A Flag, I simply didn't found inspiration for that one, sorry but, even so I did 30 so it is not that bad. I really liked this challenge, my first one, it forced me to be creative and to try my best, I learned so much and I hope my skills are improving.

Click in the picture to see the post!


31DC2013 DAY 31: HONOR NAILS YOU LOVE / Día 31: Honra unas uñas que ames.

For my other party that wasn't costume required I wanted to do some scary nail art, I saw these Zombie Nails on Lyndar the Merciless blog almost a year ago, I don't know if she was the first one who did it but it was the first place where I saw this design and I've looooooooved it since. They are inspired by a print from the brand Iron Fist that appears in high heels, rain boots and bikinis. I want that bikini, is so cool!

Besides, they are very quick and easy to do because eve if it is messy it will look very nice and you can do it with almost every tool: brush, dotting tool, striper, toothpick, etc.

Polishes: Lime Green: Pure Ice Wild Thing, Pink: Rimmel Hot Shot, black and white acrylic paint.