Google+ Nail Everything: noviembre 2013

lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

31DC2013 ROUNDUP / 31DC2013 Resumen

Phew! I thought I'd never finish! well, in fact I don't because I definitely won't do Day 28: A Flag, I simply didn't found inspiration for that one, sorry but, even so I did 30 so it is not that bad. I really liked this challenge, my first one, it forced me to be creative and to try my best, I learned so much and I hope my skills are improving.

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31DC2013 DAY 31: HONOR NAILS YOU LOVE / Día 31: Honra unas uñas que ames.

For my other party that wasn't costume required I wanted to do some scary nail art, I saw these Zombie Nails on Lyndar the Merciless blog almost a year ago, I don't know if she was the first one who did it but it was the first place where I saw this design and I've looooooooved it since. They are inspired by a print from the brand Iron Fist that appears in high heels, rain boots and bikinis. I want that bikini, is so cool!

Besides, they are very quick and easy to do because eve if it is messy it will look very nice and you can do it with almost every tool: brush, dotting tool, striper, toothpick, etc.

Polishes: Lime Green: Pure Ice Wild Thing, Pink: Rimmel Hot Shot, black and white acrylic paint.

31DC2013 DAY 30: A TUTORIAL / Día 30: Un tutorial

Here in Mexico scary season finishes until November 2 (Day of the Dead) and I had to 2 parties over the weekend, one of them was a costume party and I went as a witch, I painted my face, chest, and hands green so for the nails I wanted something different that wasn't of the same color, so I followed the steps from The Nailasaurus to make a patchwork nail art.  
I used acrylic nails 'cause witches has very long nails and I don't, here is the photos that I took before I went to the party, I really liked how they looked with the colors of the dress (black and purple.)

Polishes: Orange: Pure Ice Can't Stop, Purple: Orly Charged Up, Lime Green: Pure Ice Wild Thing, Black: China Glaze Liquid Leather.